Justice Department Declines Further ActionPayment of Fine Spread over Seven Years

Loral Space &
Communications announced today that it has reached a
settlement with the U.S. government in a case relating to the
company’s involvement in a review of a Chinese rocket launch failure
in 1996.

Loral also announced that it has been informed that the Justice
Department has terminated its investigation of the company and has
declined to pursue the matter further.

Loral has agreed to pay a civil fine of $14 million to the State
Department without admitting or denying the government’s charges. The
cost of the fine (approximately $0.04 per share) will be reflected in
Loral’s 2001 fourth quarter results. Under the terms of the agreement
the fine is to be paid over seven years, without interest, resulting
in a cash impact annually of approximately $2 million.

Loral also has strengthened its export compliance program. The
company’s past and future compliance costs, as agreed to with the
government, will total at least $6 million, $2 million of which has
already been expensed.

Loral’s chairman and chief executive officer, Bernard L. Schwartz,

“Loral and its employees are patriotic, law-abiding citizens and
we take this matter very seriously. We historically have had an
excellent security record and are committed to vigorous compliance
with export control laws. The company has instituted an extensive new
training program, significantly expanded staff, and greatly improved
oversight in the area of export control.

“This matter grew out of the activities of an Independent Review
Committee (IRC) set up to inform the insurance industry about the
causes of a 1996 Chinese rocket failure. The IRC was organized at the
request of the insurance underwriters and was composed of
representatives from Loral and five other satellite and satellite
launch companies.

“Upon learning that a copy of the IRC’s preliminary report was
mistakenly sent to the Chinese by a Loral employee, the company made
an immediate and voluntary disclosure to the State Department noting
that an effort had been made to delete all sensitive material in
advance. Nonetheless, Loral accepts full responsibility for the matter
and expresses regret for its failure to obtain appropriate State
Department approval.”

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