Walter Cunningham’s op-ed on the march to prove global warming [“Winning the War with Global Warming Alarmists,” Commentary, July 9, page 19] is exactly on target. There have been other noteworthy articles stating that scientists are not able to obtain funding for climate research unless they are predisposed to agree that the Earth is warming due to human-caused emissions.

Nearly every news story attributes global warming to human activity. Yet periodically a news item gets by the censors noting that the Earth has gone through multiple warming and cooling cycles dating back millions of years.

What seems to be lost in most of the “research” is the long-term periodicity of climate cycles. We know, for example, that much of North America was covered by a thick sheet of ice 40,000 or so years ago — apparently without much help from factories and automobiles. Something then warmed the Earth, ending that Ice Age. We also know that there was a Little Ice Age around 400-700 years ago. Using today’s “logic” that must have been due to a shutdown of factories and improvement in vehicle emissions.

Why do we see no published studies showing past Earth temperatures in 1,000- or 10,000-year increments, since it would seem widespread warming and cooling of the Earth in five- or 10-year increments may or may not be “climate” related?

Serious climate change studies must view the Earth’s climate in minimum 1,000-year increments. Instead, the alarmists seem to be viewing it in almost annual increments. Those performing these analyses do a disservice and are not “scientists.”


Jim Vint

Nipomo, Calif.