Leo Mondale has been named president of
Arianespace, Inc., bringing his extensive space industry, telecommunications
and legal experience to Arianespace’s U.S. subsidiary.

Mondale’s role as president, effective July 1, is to manage the sales,
marketing, and customer/industry relations in the U.S. for Arianespace, a
leading global provider of commercial satellite launch services.

He succeeds Doug Heydon, who headed the office for the past 16 years. “I
welcome Leo as my successor and look forward to working with him in my new
role as Chairman of Arianespace, Inc. I will maintain my focus on ensuring
that Arianespace continues to enjoy open access to the U.S. commercial
satellite market,” Heydon said.

Mondale joined Arianespace, Inc. in March 2000 as executive vice
president, coming from Iridium where he held a variety of senior positions
relating to the start up, licensing and financing of the company. Before
joining Iridium, the 41-year old Mondale served as vice president of Fairchild
Space & Defense Corporation, with responsibility for managing the
international and commercial activities of Fairchild Space. He came to
Fairchild after serving as legal counsel to Matra Espace in France and as vice
president of Matra Aerospace Inc. in the U.S. prior to Matra, Mondale
practiced international business law in Washington, D.C.

“Arianespace is well placed to maintain its strong position in the U.S.
commercial satellite launch market — a position that will be further
strengthened with the ramp-up of Ariane 5 launches,” Mondale said. “In
addition to serving our existing customers, Arianespace, Inc. will continue to
build our standing among the new commercial satellite projects — becoming
involved at an early stage with the emerging satellite companies and building
ourselves into their successful team.”

Washington, D.C.-based Arianespace, Inc. is a key element in Arianespace’s
foreign presence. One-fourth of the more than 200 launch services contracts
signed by Arianespace since its creation in 1980 are with U.S. organizations,
and over half involve U.S.-built spacecraft.

In an exclusive interview for the Arianespace Web site, Leo Mondale
outlines his views of the U.S. market and discusses his strategy for
Arianespace, Inc. Read his comments and observations at: www.arianespace.com