• Target Launch Date : September 10 (Tuesday), 2002
  • Target Launch Time : 17:20-17:50 (Japanese Standard Time)
  • Reserved Period : September 11 (Wednesday) – September 30 (Monday), 2002
  • (The Launch Time during this period varies daily.)
  • Launch Site : H-IIA Launch Complex, Tanegashima Space Center

In the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at the Tanegashima Space Center
(TNSC), H-IIA F3 assembly operations have smoothly progressed. All major
parts of the launch vehicle except the payload fairing were integrated by
August 7, thus the Vehicle on Stand (VOS) operations are completed. Cameras
that will send pictures of the launch vehicle during flight were also
installed. Inspection was started for the electrical and propulsion systems
of H-IIA F3. Each step, such as electrical cable connection, and mating of
propellant tanks and supply lines, is carefully performed and examined.

The Data Relay Test Satellite (DRTS) is now under preparation operations in
the Spacecraft and Fairing Assembly Building (SFA). Propellant has been
loaded onto the satellite for orbit change and attitude control, leakage has
been checked, and pyrotechnics have been attached to the satellite. Those
operations for the satellite are carried out in the clean room, where the
cleanliness is controlled.

The Unmanned Space Experiment Reentry System (USERS) developed by the
Institute for Unmanned Space Experiment Free Flyer (USEF) is one of the two
payloads of H-IIA F3. NASDA was commissioned by USEF to launch USERS by

USERS will be injected into 450-km altitude orbit by the launch vehicle,
then raise its orbit up to about 500 km by itself. It will conduct some
experiments including crystal growth experiment of super conductive
material, and, after concluding the experiments, the Reentry Module (REM) of
the USERS will return to the atmosphere, land on the ocean surface, and be

The REM and Service Module (SEM) were under preparation operations in
different buildings till last week, but the SEM was moved to be mated with
the REM. On August 11 they were integrated. Further inspection will be
performed for USERS in the mated configuration with REM on top of SEM.