Brian Ralson, General Atomics Commonwealth Computer Research president, reached a partnership agreement with Kleos CEO Alan Khalili. Credit: Kleos Space

ST LOUIS — Kleos Space announced a partnership May 23 with General Atomics Commonwealth Computer Research aimed at making it easier for analysts to derive insights from radio frequency data.

While a few nations possess the expertise to draw insights from the global RF signals Kleos monitors with a 12-satellite constellation, “what we found is that most RF is quite hard to work with if you’re not familiar with this sort of data,” Andy Bowyer, Kleos co-founder and partnerships head, told SpaceNews, at the GEOINT Symposium.

Simplifying Access

As a result, Kleos is creating new RF data products for General Atomics’ Optix cloud-based data processing and analytics platform.

“If you can use Google Maps, you can operate Optix and gain much more insight with regard to what’s going on around your borders, coastlines and wherever else,” Bowyer said. “Because we’re a data provider, this opens up our marketplace to a wider group of people.”

In addition, General Atomics, a company that already provides RF data captured by drones in its catalog of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance products, will become a value-added reseller for Kleos’ data products.

Tipping and Cueing

In the future, a Kleos satellite could identify suspicious activity, like piracy or illegal fishing, prompting a drone to fly over for closer inspection.

“We can say there’s some activity here and the drone can be better tasked from a tipping and queueing perspective,” Bowyer said.

Joel Morgan, General Atomics Commonwealth Computer Research vice president of commercial and international programs, said in a statement, “By integrating Kleos’ data and intelligence products into our offerings, we enhance our ability to provide comprehensive and customized intelligence outputs to our customers.”

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