Consulting Services Available for Private Companies Wishing to Utilize Kibo

Potential Opportunities of Space Commercialization Increased

The International Space Station (ISS) has not only been housing three astronauts, but has also welcomed space tourists. These events usher in the dawn of a space era that will provide everyone with an opportunity to experience and utilize the microgravity environment.

NASDA worked with Dentsu Corporation last year to shoot a TV commercial in space as part of a pilot project for exploring various potential uses for Kibo. The advertisement was for a beverage called POCARI SWEAT, manufactured by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, and marked the world’s first attempt to film a commercial in space. The TV commercial was part of the company’s project called "GOES TO SPACE ! " where a can of POCARI SWEAT was floating and rolling in the weightless environment on the ISS. This magnificent footage seems to have been created using computer graphics, but in fact the Russian crew manipulated the can according to detailed instructions up linked in real-time from the ground control center.

Now, new and diverse space utilization approaches are being created not only for commercial enterprises, but also for culture and education applications aimed at enriching our lives.

Kibo Utilization Promotion Office Established

With the upcoming launch of the multipurpose laboratory Kibo, Japan’s contribution to the ISS, NASDA established a special team within the Office of Space Utilization Systems in March. Named the Kibo Utilization Promotion Office, the team is responsible for exploring opportunities to utilize the ISS environment for commercial purposes and for providing the public with more opportunities to utilize space. In addition, the team offers a comprehensive consulting service for nurturing ideas into realistic approaches and takes care of participants in the pilot project. At present Group Chief Yoshitomi and six other members are discussing various plans.

The Kibo Utilization Promotion Office has been directed to expand the number of opportunities for efficiently using Kibo in a variety of fields, including research and development aimed at promoting the development of industry, education and culture. Along with this responsibility, the team willingly responds to inquiries from those who have fantastic ideas about space utilization and who have questions about how to utilize space as a familiar environment.

Do not hesitate to consult with the Kibo Utilization Promotion Office on issues of space utilization. You may ask questions, offer opinions, and request more detailed information on the pilot project and promotional events for Kibo.

Inquiries to :

Kibo Utilization Promotion Office

World Trade Center Building, 2-4-1 Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
105-8060, Japan

TEL : 03-3438-6639
FAX : 03-577-0354