Washington, D.C., 13 September 2002 – To better serve its growing list of
broadcast and video customers, Intelsat has created a Video Services
Business Unit and appointed Mr. Jon Romm as its new Vice President, Global
Video Services.

Intelsat’s new business unit has been created to enable Intelsat to more
specifically focus on the development of its video business, and to draw
together and add to the video-focused resources within the company. The
unit will streamline the video operations of Intelsat, to accelerate
response times to broadcasters and other video customers while providing
them with even better customer service.

Mr. Romm, formerly Head of Global and Commercial Sales at BT Broadcast
Services, joined Intelsat this week and is responsible for the leadership
and management of the new business unit. He aims to grow Intelsat’s video
customer service across all regions and territories, as well as ensure that
Intelsat is meeting demand for new video products and services that are in
the best interest of its customers.

Before joining Intelsat, Mr. Romm worked at BT for seven years, where most
recently he managed more than 100 staff worldwide and oversaw product
development and marketing. Prior to this, Mr. Romm was General Manager for
North and South America at BT Broadcast Services. He has been working
closely with video services since 1990, holding senior positions at Hughes
Television Network, IDB Communications and ICG Satellite Services.

“The creation of the Video Business Unit with Jon Romm at the helm is a huge
win for our video customers who will be the biggest beneficiaries of this
arrangement,” said John Stanton, President, Intelsat Global Sales &
Marketing Ltd. “Mr. Romm’s renowned expertise and imagination, combined
with the stronger resources of the new unit is a formula for success to
bring more effective and efficient service to our broadcast customers, as
well as for the growth of Intelsat’s video capabilities worldwide.”

About Intelsat

Intelsat, Ltd. offers telephony, corporate network, video and Internet
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