The leaders of the space agencies taking part in the International Space
Station (ISS) programme, including the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration (NASA) of the United States, the Canadian Space Agency
(CSA), the European Space Agency (ESA), National Space Development Agency
of Japan (NASDA) and the Russian Aviation and Space Agency
(Rosaviakosmos), met today at ESA’s Headquarters to discuss the status of
the ISS programme.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the ISS International Partners
reaffirmed their commitment to working together on the development,
assembly and use of the ISS for scientific and applied research. In
particular, they noted the tremendous achievements that have already been
accomplished through their cooperation on the ISS, which has so far been
assembled with nearly flawless precision.

During their meeting the ISS International Partners discussed and agreed
upon a timeline for next steps to assure that the ISS can be assembled and
operated in a way that meets its unique world-class research objectives,
while not compromising the basic requirements of sound system engineering
and safety.

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