(EVRY, FRANCE) With the successful launch of the JCSAT-9 satellite, Arianespace and its partners in the Launch Services Alliance have once again demonstrated that they can guarantee the flexibility of their launch services package to match customer requirements.

Just a few moments after the announcement of the successful launch, Arianespace Chief Executive Officer Jean-Yves Le Gall said: “I would like to congratulate our partner Sea Launch for this magnificent mission. The solution offered to JSAT for the launch of its JCSAT-9 satellite clearly shows our total commitment to customer service. I would especially like to thank JSAT Corporation for their trust.”

To accommodate JCSAT-9’s schedule, JSAT and Arianespace agreed for the launch to be carried out through the Launch Service Alliance.

This consortium groups the commercial launch services of three major players, Arianespace, Sea Launch and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, ensuring that satellite operators will benefit from the timeliest service possible by offering them a slot on one of the three launchers.

This unique offering further strengthens the guarantee that each customer will be launched on time by the best launch systems in the world.