International Space Station expedition crew ISS-4 has performed an

The objective of the EVA was to install a second cargo boom on the Russian
Docking Compartment, Pirs module, as well as to install a Ham Radio
antenna on the propulsion section of Service Module Zvezda.

This cargo boom, just as the first cargo boom installed on the Pirs
module earlier, is designed to support the space station crew extravehicular
activities. The boom structural components were delivered to ISS on-board
Shuttle Orbiters and were temporarily stowed on the outer surface of
transfer adapter PMA-1 of US module Unity.

The exit hatch on Docking Compartment Pirs was opened on January 14,
2002, at 23:59, Moscow Time.

The work in open space was performed by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Onufrienko
(expedition commander) and US astronaut Carl Walz (flight engineer).
US astronaut Daniel Bursch (flight engineer) stayed inside the space
station and was checking the progress of work against the on-board documentation.

Yuri Onufrienko and Carl Walz, using the first cargo boom installed
on the ISS Russian Segment earlier, transferred from Pirs module to
PMA-1 adapter on Unity module, performed al the operations necessary
to remove restraints and transfer the structure of the second cargo
boom to the installation area, after which they secured it to its base
support located on the outer surface of Pirs module. After that they
transferred to the propulsion section of Sevice Module Zvezda delivering
a Ham radio antenna to its attachment point, installed this antenna
on a handrail, and, having mated its connectors, returned to Pirs module
together with equipment and tools that supported their operations in

The hatch closure took place at 06:02 Moscow Time. The activities in
open space lasted 6 hours 03 minutes.

The progress of the work was recorded on video by the crew and by the
on-board equipment.

This was the first EVA performed by ISS-4 expedition crew.

According to reports from the crew and LOCT that performed the space
station monitoring and controlling from Mission Control Center near
Moscow (Flight Director – cosmonaut V.A.Soloviev), the crew state of
health is good and all the ISS on-board systems operate within their
design limits.

Present at the Mission Control Center throughout EVA operations were
specialists from RSC Energia and its subcontractors.