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The communication session was held with ISS-4 crew consisting of Yuri
Ivanovich Onufrienko, the ISS commander (the Russian State Research
Test CTC, Russia), Carl E. Walz, flight engineer-1 (NASA, USA), Daniel
W. Bursch, flight engineer-2 (NASA, USA) at 10:45 Moscow time at MCC-M.
Yuri Pavlovich Semenov, President of S.P. Korolev RSC Energia, General
Designer, RAS Academician, Petr Ilyich Klimuk, Director of Yu. A. Gagarin
RSRT CTC wished the crew the approaching happy New Year. N.I. Zelenschikov,
First Vice-President of RSC Energia, First Deputy General Designer,
V.A. Soloviev, the ISS Flight Director on the Russian side, V.V. Tsibliev,
First Deputy Director of RSRT CTC and others were present during the
communication session at MCC-M.

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