Dear All,

Cambridge University Press is launching a new journal in January 2002, the
‘International Journal of Astrobiology’. Papers are currently being
accepted for the second edition onwards – see below for more info.:

International Journal of Astrobiology publishes original papers and review
articles on Astrobiology Science. News of interest to the astrobiology
community and book reviews will also feature in each issue.

The fields covered include:

  • Cosmic prebiotic chemistry
  • Planetary evolution
  • Search for planetary systems and habitable zones
  • Origins, evolution and distribution of life
  • Extremophile biology and experimental simulation of extraterrestrial

  • Life Detection in our solar system and beyond
  • Technologies and space missions for astrobiology, and planetary

  • Human expansion, ecosystems beyond Earth and terraforming
  • Intelligent life and societal aspects of astrobiology

There are no page charges or length restrictions. All articles are
submitted to peer-review.

Submission of manuscripts

Contributions for consideration for publication, accompanied by a covering
letter or email, should be submitted to either of the following addresses:

Dr Lynn J Rothschild

Editor,International Journal of Astrobiology

Ecosystem Science and Technology Branch

Mail Stop 239-20

NASA /Ames Research Center

Moffet Field

CA 94035-1000, USA


Dr Simon Mitton Managing Editor, International Journal of Astrobiology

Cambridge University Press

The Edinburgh Building

Shaftesbury Road

Cambridge CB2 2RU, UK


Jacqueline Garget

Editor, Astronomy and Space Sciences