Intelsat today launched a new brand identity which focuses on how the
company inspires connections with people, businesses and partners around the
globe. The center point of the brand is a new visual identity that includes
three panels that intersect to form the letter “i” in the middle,
representing how Intelsat is a bridge that helps its customers and their
worlds connect. The word mark for Intelsat is no longer spelled in all upper
case letters, as an acronym, but with an initial capital “I,” as the proper
name of the company.

Intelsat CEO Conny Kullman, speaking today at the Satellite 2001 conference
here this week, commented, “Our key challenge in developing this brand was
to show how our resources and technology in the sky make people’s lives on
earth better — how we create opportunities for our customers by connecting
the world. We also wanted our new brand identity to reflect collaboration,
innovation, flexibility and partnering, as these are the drivers that we
believe will be key in our future. We are aligning our business practices
and priorities with the marketplace, and we believe that this new brand
projects Intelsat as a modern, customer-centric company, geared for the

At the same time, Intelsat also announced that it had redesigned its web
site to conform to the new brand look and feel.

Intelsat is an international communications provider offering Internet,
broadcast, telephony and corporate network solutions around the globe
through its fleet of 19 satellites. For nearly four decades, many of the
world’s leading telecommunications companies, multinational corporations and
broadcasters in more than 200 countries and territories have relied on
Intelsat satellites and staff for quality connections, global reach and

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