New Office to Capitalize on 2001 Landmark North American Access Ruling

Inmarsat Ventures plc.,
the London-based global mobile satellite communications Group, today
announced the opening of their first U.S.-based operations with an
office located in Washington, D.C.

Inmarsat will execute their North American operations strategy
through the new office following the October 2001 legislation
extending the ORBIT Act deadline for the company’s initial public
offering, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruling
granting access rights for several Inmarsat partners. The legislation
and FCC ruling will enable businesses in the U.S. to benefit from
Inmarsat’s robust and reliable high-speed data and voice
communications services through Inmarsat partners.

“Until this point, satellite communications offerings in the
United States have failed to deliver on the promise of fast and
reliable voice and data communications,” said Michael Butler, managing
director of Inmarsat Ltd. “With our proven history and undeniable
success within the maritime, land and aeronautical industries, we are
confident that Inmarsat’s entry into the US market will provide
US-based businesses the quality mobile voice and data communications
services currently being utilized by Inmarsat customers worldwide.”

As a former Intergovernmental Organisation, Inmarsat was
restricted from conducting business in mainland United States except
in the coastal waters around the country and in the skies overhead
under the terms of the ORBIT Act of 2000. The October FCC ruling
grants several Inmarsat partners the rights to provide Inmarsat
services in the U.S. with immediate effect.

The Washington DC office will include Alan Auckenthaler, Vice
President of The Americas for Inmarsat Inc., and Robert Demers,
Director Government Accounts for Inmarsat Inc. With over 40 combined
years of governmental and satellite communications experience,
Auckenthaler and Demers will take the lead in building Inmarsat’s
presence in the U.S. through working with service providers and Land
Earth Station Operators (LESOs) to provide on-the-ground assistance
and education to prospective customers. The new office will also be
responsible for interfacing with the U.S. government on strategic
satellite communications policy.

“Alan and Robert have tremendous experience with satellite
companies building business units from the ground up and both have
long histories developing government programs for utilizing mobile
satellite services,” continued Butler. “Inmarsat is thrilled to have
such experienced hands leading our first U.S. operation.”

Inmarsat’s existing North American partners include: Stratos and
Telenor Satellite Services Inc. (formerly Comsat) who offer land-based
Inmarsat services including 64kbit/s mobile ISDN Global Area Network
(GAN) services; Honeywell and SITA who offer aeronautical services;
and John Deere for agricultural tracking solutions.

Inmarsat has also opened a Miami office to service their Latin
American operations in the coming months and years.



  • Inmarsat Ltd was established as an Intergovernmental Organisation
    (IGO) in 1979, under the auspices of the International Maritime
    Organisation, to develop satellite communications for the
    maritime industry.

  • Inmarsat now provides services to the maritime, energy, media,
    aid, government and security, mining and construction and
    aeronautical sectors.

  • In 1999, Inmarsat became the first IGO to privatize and become a
    limited company.

  • Inmarsat is headquartered in London and has a regional office in
    Dubai, serving the Middle East and Africa, and Singapore serving
    the Asia Pacific region.

  • Inmarsat Limited is the primary subsidiary of Inmarsat Ventures

  • Total revenues for the year 2000 were US$416.9 million, up from
    the US$406.2 million reported for 1999. Inmarsat Ventures plc
    recorded profit after tax of US$62.7 million for 2000

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