Space technologies available for new products and services on Earth: this is what ESA, through the technology broker MST Aerospace, will be proposing to non-space industry from all over the world at the Hanover Fair (23/28 April, Halle 18 EG/Stand A15). A space brunch for the press, attended by former ESA astronaut Dr Ulf Merbold, will be on offer from 12:30 on 23 April.

The European space industry has built up an impressive portfolio of technologies and know-how. This has provided many innovative solutions for non-space products and services that improve our daily lives, like the Ariane advanced carbon composites, used to build cars, or the radiation monitoring techniques, now adopted in cancer research. In addition, the International Space Station will soon offer an unprecedented wealth of knowledge for scientists and industry.

Potential is exploited through the process of technology transfer, whereby space technologies are made available for development and licensing. The ESA technology transfer programme has already achieved over a hundred successful transfers. This success is reflected in the economic data: since 1991, technology transfer has generated in excess of 15 million euros in turnover for space companies and 100 million euros for the non-space industries involved. 12 new companies have been created, 25 are expected by 2003, and already 2500 jobs have been created.

MST Aerospace, leader of the ESA network of technology brokers, is presenting over a thousand new space technologies at the Hanover Fair. The display at the ESA/MST stand will include:

  • a carbon-fibre Space House, combining efficient and environment-friendly installations for energy and water with an earthquake-resistant structure;
  • GTS (global transmission services) from the International Space Station, for such functions as worldwide synchronisation of wrist watches or immobilisation of stolen trucks;
  • a fitness monitor, based on new optoelectronic technology, which measures your fitness by analysing blood pressure, pulse, etc. when you apply your fingertips.

The ESA/MST stand will also inaugurate a business-to-business technology market-place, where high-tech solutions will be offered to entrepreneurs and their companies (


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