Artist's rendering of Momentus Vigoride moving a satellite to a new location in low Earth orbit. Credit: Momentus

BREMEN, Germany – Dawn Harms, the former Boeing Satellite Systems International vice president for global sales and marketing, has joined in-space transportation startup Momentus as chief revenue officer.

“I joined Momentus because I believe in their talented team, innovative technology and service-based business model for low cost, in-space shuttle transportation services,” Harms told SpaceNews by email. “We are introducing a brand-new service that further reduces the cost of access to space, while transporting satellites to precision orbits and beyond where they were able to fly previously … It’s a good fit and I am thrilled to be part of the Momentus executive team.”

Since it was established in Santa Clara, California, in 2017, Momentus has raised about $34 million to develop shuttles to transport satellites from one orbit to another. SpaceX announced in August that Momentus would fly its Vigoride tug on a SpaceX dedicated rideshare mission, allowing satellites with a total mass of up to 250 kilograms to fly to custom orbits after deployment from the Falcon 9.

Momentus is establishing relationships with a wide array of customers and partners, including cubesat and small satellite operators and manufacturers as well as launch service providers, Harms said. As Momentus scales up its capability and acrues flight experience, the firm also work in the marketplace serving larger satellites, she added.

Momentus’ senior leadership team includes veterans of the California Institute of Technology, Maxar Technologies’ former Space Systems Loral business unit and Boeing, Mikhail Kokorich, Momentus founder and CEO, said in a statement.

Momentus plans to conduct a full-scale test and conduct commercial missions with its Vigoride shuttle in 2020. In September, Momentus announced a successful flight test of its water plasma propulsion system.

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