Small Satellites 2021 (Virtual Conference)
DoD space agency launching experiments in preparation for 2022 satellite deployments
Maxar executive: Smallsat industry deserves credit for pushing innovation
SpaceX’s rideshare carried small satellite technology of interest to U.S. military
Aurora Insight to launch cubesats for RF sensing
AAC Clyde Space to acquire SpaceQuest for $8.4 million
Momentus forges agreements with Skykraft and Mecano ID
Veteran manufacturers question pricing strategy of newcomers
U.S. military space architecture to bring in commercial systems, small satellites
Industry executive:  Defense Production Act small launch contracts should have been competed
York opens manufacturing facility, hires engineering chief
Shakeout in small launch industry is coming but nobody can predict when
Small satellite industry seeks stimulus as pandemic hits commercial investment
Momentus to offer last-miles service from SpaceX rideshare flights
Blue Canyon Technologies to supply bus for Made In Space’s Archinaut One

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