The first development launch of Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle
(GSLV) is rescheduled for Wednesday, April 18, 2001 from SHAR Centre,
Sriharikota. The window for the launch extends up to April 25, 2001.

It may be recalled that the first launch attempt of GSLV was aborted one
second before the lift-off on March 28, 2001 by the Automatic Launch
Processing System (ALS) after it detected that one of the strap-on boosters
did not develop the required thrust.

Immediately following the mission abort, as worked out in advance for such
contingencies, the safety systems were brought into action to protect the
launch vehicle. The vehicle was safely disarmed. Subsequently, all the
propellants were removed from the vehicle.

Based on a detailed analysis of the data obtained during the five seconds’
operation of the four strap-on motors during the count down sequence,
examination of the records of engines, tear down analysis of the
disassembled engine and the extensive simulations carried out, it has been
now established that the reason for one of the strap-on boosters not
developing the required thrust was due to a defective plumbing in the
oxidiser flow line of the engine, which had escaped detection during
testing. This resulted in reduced flow of oxidiser to the engine.

Based on review of the video pictures and other data, it was concluded that
the fire spreading over one of the strap-on boosters was only due to the
burning of foam insulation pads and was incidental and did not cause any
damage to the vehicle. It has been decided to provide additional flame
protection for these insulation pads.

The anomalous engine is being replaced with a standby engine. All the other
systems of the vehicle are found to be healthy.