India’s Skyroot Aerospace raises $51 million ahead of inaugural launch
India’s new SSLV rocket fails in first launch
India’s Bellatrix Aerospace raises $8 million Series A for in-space propulsion project
Quad nations unveil satellite-based maritime monitoring initiative
India hit by more suspected space debris
India, France agree to cooperate on secure access to outer space, space-based challenges
India examining crashed space debris suspected to be parts of China’s Long March rocket
India puts three satellites into orbit in the first launch of 2022
India targets August launch for Chandrayaan-3 lunar lander
India, Russia agree to enhance space cooperation
India’s PM vows broader public-private space cooperation as OneWeb eyes Indian launches
Op-ed | India at the Inflection Point: A New Era in the Space Ecosystem
Indian PSLV rocket launches Brazilian Amazonia-1 satellite
“Revolutionary change” expected from new Indian space policy
Starburst Aerospace announces expansion in India
India outlines launch plans, progress in human spaceflight and space transportation
Op-ed | India-China space collaboration is worth a try
Indian startup Bellatrix Aerospace raises $3 million
Op-ed | India needs its own space force
Why we need to avoid more anti-satellite tests

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