GMV USA of Rockville, Md., will provide satellite- and payload-ground control systems for the Measat-3b telecommunications satellite that Measat Global of Malaysia expects to launch in late 2013, GMV announced in a July 23 press release. The terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Astrium Satellites of Europe is building the all-Ku-band Measat-3b spacecraft under a contract awarded in mid-2011. The satellite is designed to join Measat-3 and Measat-3a at 91.5 degrees east, more than doubling Measat’s Ku-band capacity at the slot. Measat said that the satellite will carry direct broadcast television and provision video services to customers in Malaysia, India and Indonesia.

GMV said the control centers for Measat-3 and Measat-3a will be migrated into GMV’s HiFly flight dynamics system to provide Measat with a single control center for all three satellites.

GMV USA is a subsidiary of GMV of Madrid.