On April 18, 2001 the meeting of General Designers’ Review chaired
by Yu.P. Semenov, General Designer of S.P. Korolev RSC Energia, academician
of the Russian Academy of Sciences was held. The meeting was devoted
to review of preliminary designs of the Aurora Rocket Space Complex
and APSC Cosmodrome. It was the first General Designer’s Review on these

Activities are conducted in accordance with the Direction of the Russian
Federation Government and involve the construction of the middle-class
Aurora Rocket Space Complex with Korvette Upper Stage under the order
of the Australian company known as the Asian-Pacific Space Center (APSC),
as well as the Christmas Island – based Cosmodrome for commercial launches
of space vehicles for peaceful purposes with the participation of S.P.
Korolev RSC Energia, SR & PSRC Ts SKB Progress, V.P. Barmin FGUP

General Designers’ Review has considered and approved the preliminary
designs submitted by the above organizations.

The General Designers’ Review meeting was attended by the following

– from APSC Company as Customer: Managing Director Kwon David; Project
Manager Mangione Frank; Chief Engineer Jan Bryce; Vice-President Richard
Waterman and other accompanying persons;

– from Contractor: G.P. Anshakov (SR & PSRC Ts SKB Progress), I.V.
Barmin (V.P. Barmin FGUP KBOM), B.I. Katorgin (NPO Energomash) and other
managers and representatives of domestic enterprises involved in implementation
of this Project.

Taking this decision marked a new stage in the development of design
documentation for Aurora RSC and APSC Cosmodrome.