Today, at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), more
than 200 students greeted former NASA astronaut John Glenn and Canadian
Space Agency astronaut Dave Williams with the kind of welcome reserved for
space icons. During a special interactive presentation, the astronauts
shared their personal experiences on space life science research and
answered questions from exuberant youth across the nation.

“Almost everything we learn in space touches our lives on Earth,” commented
Glenn. ” Thanks to the results of space life science research, we are going
to learn more about ourselves and make life on Earth better for all of us.”
Senator Glenn and CSA astronaut Williams fascinated youth with their tales
of adventure and quest for knowledge at science centres in Saskatchewan,
Manitoba and Newfoundland and 150 schools via a CSA and Industry Canada
SchoolNet webcast. In association with ePALS, SchoolNet and the CSA, five
schools across the country also had the opportunity to use a web board to
ask their questions to the two astronauts. Finally, young viewers watched
the live presentation on CBC Newsworld and on RDI.

“I like adventure and I like science. I could not think of a better way to
combine the two than through space life science research,” responded CSA
astronaut Dave Williams to a question from École des Rives in Lachenaie,
Quebec, about why he became an astronaut. At the close of the one-hour
event, Senator Glenn told his youth audience : “You are part of the
generation of students that will likely send a human to Mars. To be a part
of that great adventure requires a solid foundation in science, technology
and mathematics. So, work hard in school, follow your dreams and Embrace

Embrace Space is an annual international celebration of achievements in
space exploration designed to encourage youth to learn about science,
technology and mathematics. This year, Canadian Embrace Space activities
will take place throughout the month of May and will conclude on May 30 with
the close of two CSA youth contests. For more information about the contests
refer to the CSA website at:

Established in 1989 and located in Saint-Hubert, Quebec, the Canadian Space
Agency co-ordinates all elements of the Canadian Space Program which
include, Earth and Environment, Satellite Communications, Space Science,
Generic Space Technologies and Human Presence in Space. The Canadian Space
Agency is committed to leading the development and application of
space-related knowledge for the benefit of Canadians and humanity.

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