The first production unit of the Boeing Delta IV
Common Booster Core (CBC) was unloaded from the Delta Mariner vessel
here this morning.

The CBC recently completed a series of critical hot fire tests at
NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. The final test firing on
May 6 ran for 303 seconds and completed a Delta IV Heavy mission
profile simulation for the rocket’s first stage. Having completed this
rigorous test program, the first production unit will now be used to
verify the structural and mechanical interfaces between the launch
vehicle and the launch site. This will greatly reduce the schedule
risk when the first flight booster arrives here this fall.

After arrival at Cape Canaveral, the fully integrated CBC was
transported aboard the Elevating Platform Transporter for the trip to
the Delta Horizontal Integration Facility (HIF) at Space Launch
Complex 37. After the launch team uses it to verify operations in the
HIF, the CBC will be transported to the launch pad for further
verification testing this summer.

Photos of the CBC at Cape Canaveral can be found at:

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