Satellite manufacturers remain upbeat about market in spite of challenges presented by pandemic
SLS Green Run hotfire test set for mid-November
Boeing cleared to continue development of WGS-11+ military satellite
Boeing astronaut Chris Ferguson withdraws from Starliner test flight
Schedule is king for C-band replacement satellites
NASA safety panel raises doubts about Starliner test flight schedule
Boeing wins $298 million Space Force contract for jam-resistant communications satellite
SES taps SpaceX for two additional Falcon 9 launches
Coronavirus adds to ViaSat-3 launch delay
SES orders four more O3b mPower satellites from Boeing
NASA safety panel has lingering doubts about Boeing Starliner quality control
SLS static-fire test expected in October
NASA completes reviews of Boeing commercial crew test flight
Boeing reshuffles space program management
Boeing, Northrop Grumman win SES C-band satellite orders

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