E. Devyatiyarov
(question to Tito):
You stated that you
intend to go into business in space tourism. How do you assess a
realistic demand for these services in the years immediately ahead?
What is your estimation of a real extent of these services, do you
have real candidates, and do you think about another flight?
D. Tito: For the time being I
have no idea how realistic and great it is going to be. But as far
as I understand, there is going to be a strong demand for tourist
space flights.
Xinhua Newspaper
(Question to Tito):
Have you seen China
and the Chinese Wall?
D. Tito: I had no chance to have a look at
the Chinese Wall. I saw China from space, but I had no chance to
identify it.
  Do you intend to travel
to China after coming back to Earth?
D. Tito: I have been to China
and want to see it again.
3. RIA-Novosty,
E. Puzyrev
(Question to Tito):
What is in and out
of phase in expectation of meeting with space?
D. Tito: For the time being everything
is in phase, and many times as large than I expected. I wanted to
take pictures in space, I wanted to transmit space video records
to the mankind, implement my dreams. And I have fulfilled all my
major plans and many other plans. In doing so, I did not experience
any discomfort, that I assumed to experience while staying in such
an unaccustomed position, in such an unfamiliar environment.
4. Radio Mayak
(Question to the combined crew):
Did you have any difficulties
caused by the presence of Tito aboard the Station?
Yu. Usachev: For the time being no
inconvenience was entailed by Tito. Moreover, he is striving hard
to take part in all our activities. There are a lot of routine activities
aboard the Station, e.g. food sorting, etc. He is lending a helping
hand in everything.
  And your American colleagues,
do they share your opinion?
Yu. Usachev:

Please, ask my American colleagues. You asked me, and I expressed
my opinion.

(The U.S. crewmembers did not attend the press conference).

5. NTV,
S. Dedukh
(Question to Tito):
Do you know that the
day before NASA Director D. Goldin stated that Russia will have
to pay compensation after your return? Do you think that the accusations
against you are fair, that you impede the crew activities?
D. Tito: I do not understand
how my presence aboard the Station can impede the crew activities.
  Goldin said that the
prime crew members and visiting crew members shall always keep a
check on your actions, is it true?
D. Tito: No it is not true. I
took early and rather reasonable advice from the crew.
O. Pastukhova:
To begin with, my congratulations!
We are excited with your wonderful mission. Question to Talgat.
How do you assess Denis Tito’s activity on behalf of the crew, do
you have to assist him, how much attention does he claims, and how
does he assist in you crew activities?
T. Musabaev: Got that, thank you
for the question. Actually, Dennis is doing us no harm at all, furthermore,
he is trying to help us. I am repeating Yury Usachev’s words. And
of course we explain him, as a newcomer, some things. As to any
new cosmonaut we should explain certain things which a person cannot
feel on the ground. Basically, Dennis successfully integrated into
the team of both crews. There is no prime and backup crew. There
is the ISS prime crew and visiting crew. So, he was received well
enough by both crews, and integrated into our team.
7. ORT
(Question to Tito):
You are a citizen of
the USA. What’s your attitude towards the fact that you are not
allowed to enter the U.S. Segment?
D. Tito: This information is
wrong. I was allowed to enter the U.S. Segment, but I was in attendance.
It had a definite sense, as there are a lot of hardware therein.
All crew members treat me well and do everything so that I feel
well aboard the International Space Station.
  Mr. Tito, have you
already been to the U.S. Segment?
D. Tito: Yes, I have visited
the U.S. Segment several times.
  What is your schedule
on the Station?
D. Tito: I spend most of the
time in the Russian Service Module. I am leading an ordinary life.
I have taken several pictures of New York and other places, over
which the Space Station was flying.
(Question to Tito):
We have heard that
D. Goldin stated that NASA will possibly present a claim to Russia.
What is you attitude towards this situation? To which extent you
feel yourself responsible for the tensions created between Russia
and the USA over this flight?
D. Tito: I am confident that
my flight will play an important role in the ISS history, because
it was so much highlighted in all mass media throughout the world.
  It looks like that
on the contrary your flight has worsened the situation, made it
more tense.
D. Tito: I do not believe that
all these negotiations that are being held between NASA and Rosaviakosmos
concerning the flight will have a long-lasting effect or impact
on the relations between two countries. My belief is that in the
long view the flight will obviously play a positive role in the
ISS program.
9. Ren-TV,
A. Peslyak
(Question to Baturin):
As far as the Internet
communication is concerned. Do you receive the U.S. and Russian
press releases about your flight, about the first tourist stay,
estimations? And what are you assessments?
Yu. Baturin: I have to say that we
receive E-mail messages continuously, therefore, we can read everything.
And you, probably, cannot imagine the work schedule of the visiting
crew. We are running experiments from 6 a.m. to midnight, and as
for the press we will read it on the ground.
  So, no additional information
from Financial Times, New York Times is being looked through.
T. Musabaev: In reality we receive
Internet-mail and make extracts from the reports about this flight.
And all this information goes first of all to Dennis. He looks it
through regularly and exchanges impressions with us, when possible.