Today a meeting of Expedition Four crew for the International
Space Station (ISS-4) with management of Rosaviakosmos,
NASA, RSC Energia, RGNII CTC, representatives of mass media
and the public was hebl.

At the beginning of the meeting Yuri Onufrienko, Russian
cosmonaut, (the ISS-4 commander, Soyuz TM Spacecraft commander)
and Carl E. Walz and Daniel W. Bursch, U.S. astronauts,
(flight engineers) laid flowers on the first cosmonaut Y.A.
Gagarin monument.

The meeting was continued in the Cosmonauts House in the
assembly hall of which the crew was congratulated by: Head
of Manned Facilities and Transportation Systems Agency of
Rosaviakosmos M.V. Sinelschikov, Deputy General Designer
of Korolev RSC Energia Yu.I. Grigoriev, Head of RGNII
CTC P.I. Klimuk, NASA representative in Russia R. Cabana
and also representatives of the Armed Forces of Russia and
the public in connection with the flight program completion.
In response the crew thanked the people spoken at the meeting
and all the specialists who provided preparation for the
flight and its implementation.