The European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA are collaborating on the ‘International Living with a Star’ (ILWS) programme that will study the behaviour of the Sun and its effect on our planet. European involvement is now solicited, in particular at payload level, for the first NASA contribution to the LWS programme: the Solar Dynamics Observatory. Notice of Intent is due by 20 February 2002, with proposals due by 24 April 2002.

The International Living with a Star programme is starting now. It will include international participation in a time-span which will cover major ESA contributions such as the Magnetospheric Orbiter of BepiColombo, and Solar Orbiter.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is the first NASA contribution to the ILWS programme. ESA is publicizing this Announcement of Opportunity for SDO with the aim of optimising and coordinating European investments in ILWS.

Further information on the Announcement of Opportunity is available from the website:

  • Solar Dynamics Observatory: Announcement of Opportunity

    Important dates
    Notice of Intent is due by 22 February 2002
    Proposals are due by 24 April 2002
    (See Announcement of Opportunity document for further details regarding the Notices and Proposal submissions.)