If you are interested in space and science, aged between 17 and 20 and would enjoy the experience of launching your own rocket, then apply to take part in this summer’s European Space Camp, to be held in northern Norway at the Andøya Rocket Range.

Students from all over the world interested in physics, space and electronics can apply to take part in the summer camp which takes place from 28 July to 6 August. The course and accommodation are provided but students have to pay for, and make, their own travel arrangements.

The 25 lucky students selected will spend a week building their own rocket and attending lectures in subjects related to rocket science. The summer space camp is organised by the Norwegian Association of Young Scientists and the National Centre for Space Related Education in cooperation with ESA and the Andøya Rocket Range.

During the European Space Camp, participants will work in small groups and be responsible for their own part of the rocket campaign. This will consist of electronics and payload, rocket system design and trajectory calculations, instrument development and telemetry. Guided by professionals, the students will be able to use the advanced equipment at the rocket range.

Well-known researchers and engineers will also give lectures on topics such as rocket aerodynamics and ballistics, the plasma universe, GPS systems, how the Earth is influenced by space and the Grand Unified Theory. During the week ESA staff will also provide information on ESA programmes open to students.

At the end of a week of lectures and group work comes the moment all the students have been waiting for: the launch campaign, the nerve-wracking moment when students will see whether their hard work has paid off. Will the rocket reach its projected altitude of 8 kilometres and will the instruments on board start to transmit data? It all depends on the work done during the space camp.

The course also has its more down-to-earth moments when students will be able to enjoy the company of their fellow participants in the midnight sun, go to the beach, take part in a whale safari and eat waffles.

Applications to take part in this year’s space camp must be received by 1 May so check out www.spacecamp.no for more information, an application form, and to see the pictures, videos and diary of last year’s camp.

The sky is not the limit — it is where the fun begins!

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