The European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA)
have announced a call to communication companies who are interested in
undertaking a contract for brand communication services related to the
International Space Station (ISS).

The contract is a significant move for ESA and CSA who want to heighten
the profile of the ISS within Europe and Canada to help meet the
commercial objectives of the Space Station.

The two organisations want to hear expressions of interest from
communication companies with a major office based in one of the
European ISS participating countries* and who are able to demonstrate
their geographical coverage across Europe. In addition, one of the
essential requirements for the agency would be to have an office or
affiliate in Canada. The Call for Interest document, which outlines
the scope of work and the requirements needed from a communication
agency, can be downloaded from the following URL:

The ISS is the largest space science and technology venture ever
undertaken in human history. It is a co-operative programme between
Europe, Canada, the United States, Russia, and Japan for the joint
development, operation and utilisation of a permanently inhabited
space station in low Earth orbit. The ISS provides access to
traditional scientific users sponsored by governments wishing to
carry out space based research but in addition the ISS partners have
agreed on promoting the use of the ISS by commercial users, both in
the research field and non-research related areas.

Maurizio Belingheri, Head of ISS Commercialisation division at ESA
says, “This initiative represents a significant and unique opportunity
for a communications company to work with ESA and CSA in this major
venture. The eyes of the world will be on the Station as it develops
and contributes to society. In the past, manned space flight systems
have offered few opportunities for commercial use outside of the
space industry. But the ISS is set to change this pattern now that it
is open for business.”

* ISS participating countries in Europe: Germany, France, Italy,
Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden

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[Image 1:]
ISS open for business.

[Image 2:]
A view of the International Space Station taken from the Space Shuttle
mission STS-97, 9 December 2001. (Photo: NASA)