EnerStar Solutions provides communications, accommodations, power, lighting, and other services for the energy sector. Credit: EnerStar Solutions

TAMPA, Fla. — Canada-based EnerStar Solutions, a rental company for the energy sector, said Oct. 3 it has reached a deal to add SpaceX’s Starlink broadband to the services it provides industrial workers.

Remote communications are a large part of the solutions EnerStar provides job sites in Canada and North America. Until now, the Canadian company has been limited to connectivity partnerships with terrestrial networks and satellites in geostationary orbit.

Starlink’s low Earth orbit satellites address client “needs for high-throughput speeds and low-latency,” EnerStar vice president of U.S. operations and business development said.

These include “real-time” drilling requirements and communications for all on-site personnel for business, personal and safety purposes.

EnerStar expects to have Starlink units available for its operations in the United States from Oct. 7, and approvals needed to deploy Starlink’s enterprise products in Canada “are expected soon.”

The Canadian company is also building a Starlink-compatible backend network for connecting internet of things devices for remote monitoring.

Although its head office is in Canada, EnerStar marketing coordinator Amber Beierbach said its operations are primarily focused on the United States.

“With the addition of Starlink to our product offerings, we look forward to expanding our operations more into Canada as well outside of the Energy sector,” Beierbach said via email.

EnerStar has 119 full-time employees and relies on a network of partnerships throughout multiple industries to provide diversified services, which also include accommodations, power, and lighting.

Beierbach said the company will continue using alternative communications networks based on location and job type.

“The ability to offer Starlink however will now provide us the ability to ensure even the most remote job sites reach data speeds far more reliable and high speed than they have ever experienced before,” she said.

EnerStar is the third company to announce a reseller agreement with Starlink as the broadband operator seeks enterprise-focused partners to branch further out of consumer-focused markets.

Maritime connectivity specialist Marlink said Sept. 22 it has signed an agreement to offer Starlink to its maritime and enterprise customers.

A week before, remote communications provider Speedcast said it had become the first company to sign such a distribution deal with Starlink.

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