SpaceX claims some success in darkening Starlink satellites
SpaceX launches Starlink satellites, misses booster landing for second time
Satellite operators hint at fear of SpaceX, Blue Origin becoming competitors
Musk: we’re not spinning off Starlink 
SpaceX launches fifth batch of Starlink satellites, misses booster landing
Starlink vs. the astronomers
SpaceX launches fourth batch of Starlink satellites, tweaks satellite design
SpaceX, astronomers working to address brightness of Starlink satellites
Starlink’s busy launch schedule is workable, says 45th Space Wing
SpaceX becomes operator of world’s largest commercial satellite constellation with Starlink launch
SpaceX’s 2020 ambitions tempered by 2019 outcomes
SpaceX gets OK to re-space Starlink orbits
SpaceX working on fix for Starlink satellites so they don’t disrupt astronomy
SpaceX launches second batch of Starlink broadband satellites
SpaceX plans to start offering Starlink broadband services in 2020
SpaceX sees U.S. Army as possible customer for Starlink and Starship

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