FCC grants permission for polar launch of Starlink satellites
Viasat asks FCC to perform environmental review of Starlink
News Analysis | For SpaceX, Starlink’s big broadband subsidy more symbolic than material 
SpaceX wins big share of $9.2B RDOF broadband subsidy
SpaceX sets new Falcon 9 reuse milestone on Starlink launch
News Analysis | SpaceX has a lot riding on Starlink’s $499 “UFO on a stick” 
Telesat remains optimistic about prospects for LEO constellation
FCC approves OneWeb sale as Starlink begins public beta
SpaceX reaches 100 successful launches with Starlink mission
SpaceX, SES to provide broadband for Microsoft’s Azure Space mobile data centers

Falcon 9 investigation ongoing as SpaceX continues Starlink launches
Op-ed | Can SpaceX profit on certain Starlink launches?
SpaceX launches Starlink satellites as it deorbits original ones
Raytheon wins contract to connect military aircraft to commercial internet satellites
Falcon 9 launch adds 60 Starlink satellites to orbit as constellation beta testing continues

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