EMS Technologies of Atlanta successfully demonstrated high data-rate transmissions with its new X-band satellite terminal using the Skynet 5C British military communications satellite, according to a Sept. 29 EMS press release.

The company’s new terminal is about half the size of previous models and supports ground- and air-based communications on the move with any of the X-band satellites used by the U.S. and British military, the release said. The test used about one-quarter of the antenna’s total power output and was able to generate data rates high enough to support full motion video, the release said. Once operational, it will be able to support up to four simultaneous full-motion video feeds.

The new X-band terminals were developed by EMS Technologies with internal research and development funds, company spokeswoman Anne Wainscott-Sargent said in an e-mailed response to questions. EMS Technologies has not received any orders for the terminals but could deliver operational models within six to 12 months of a contract award, she said.