Elta Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries, said March 30 it has signed a series of orders for supplying its 3-D fire-control radars, SATCOM network system, air defense and air traffic control radar (AD-STAR) systems and its tactical short-range air defense radar. The contracts, worth a total of $106 million, include:

  • A $39 million contract to supply a foreign client with 3-D fire-control radars for its ground-based surface-to-air defense weapon systems.
  • A $30 million contract to supply the ELK-1891 SATCOM satellite-based network system and the ELK-1894 wideband SATCOM Data Link system to a foreign customer.
  • A $33 million contract from a foreign customer to supply an advanced 3-D long-range AD-STAR.
  • A $4 million order for the ELM-2106NG 3-D tactical air defense radar designed to support ground forces in protecting themselves from attacks by helicopters, airborne battleships and low-flying fighters.