VENµS image
An image of an area near Phoenix, Arizona, taken in August by the French-Israeli VENµS satellite, built by IAI and launched Aug. 1. Credit: CNES

Vancouver-based EarthDaily Analytics is offering access to the French-Israeli Vegetation and Environment monitoring on a New Micro-Satellite mission, called VENµS, through Amazon Web Services.

The VENµS imagery, captured twice per day in 12 visible and near infrared spectral bands, is similar to the scientific-grade data quality EDA plans to capture with its own constellation.

In 2024, EDA will begin obtaining imagery of 98% of the Earth’s landmass in 22 spectral bands with its 10-satellite EarthDaily Constellation, according to the May 15 news release. In addition to visible and near infrared observations, EDA will gather shortwave infrared and thermal imagery with a native resolution of five meters per pixel and processed resolution of 3.5 meters per pixel.

EDA was formed by Antarctica Capital in 2021 after the private equity firm bought parts of UrtheCast. In 2022, EDA selected Loft Orbital to build, launch and operate the EarthDaily Constellation on its behalf. 

VENµS was launched by the French Space Agency CNES and Israel Space Agency in 2017 to acquire Earth imagery every one to two days at a spatial resolution of 4-to 5-meters.

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