Saint-Hubert, Quebec, June 16, 2000 – Mr. Mac Evans, President of the
Canadian Space Agency (CSA), yesterday awarded Dr. John S. MacDonald the
very first
John H. Chapman Excellence Award for his exceptional contribution to the
Canadian Space Program.

“The John H. Chapman Excellence Award symbolises the quest for excellence
that is the basis for the Canadian Space Program’s extraordinary worldwide
reputation”, said Mr. Evans.” Dr. MacDonald is the personification of this
quest for excellence.”

Dr. MacDonald is co-founder of MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, a
world-class provider of information and operational Earth observation
systems. He is widely renowned for his expertise in remote sensing, in image
processing, and in maximising the extraction and use of information coming
from remotely collected data. Dr. MacDonald retired as Chairman of MacDonald
Dettwiler and Associates in 1998. The British Columbia based company he
co-founded currently employs 1,200 people around the world and has annual
revenues in excess of $150 million.

Dr. MacDonald has also held advisory roles to various governments over the
years. As such he served as Canada’s member of the Eminent Persons Group of
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and continues to serve as member of
the APEC Business Advisory Council. He has also served as member of the
Science Council of Canada, the National Research Council of Canada and the
negotiations team – Aerospace Sector – for the North American Free Trade

As well as being Director of the Earth Space Institute of Paris and Chairman
of the Institute for Pacific Ocean Science and Technology, he continues to
provide consulting services to a number of Canadian and American companies

“Dr. MacDonald, beyond his scientific and professional successes, has
remained a source of inspiration and a model for all those who contribute to
the development of the Canadian Space Program. He has made significant
contributions, in Canada and internationally, in the fields of science and
technology policy, industrial policy, engineering, international trade and
economics”, said Mr. Manley, Minister of Industry and Minister responsible
for the Canadian Space Agency.

Accepting his award, Dr. MacDonald commented: “I am very honoured to be here
tonight and to receive an award that is named after a person who I have
always admired, a person who was a visionary: Dr. John H. Chapman.” He then
said: “Something that is very unique about the Canadian Space Program is
that it serves the needs of Canadians. It is what has made this Program
successful, I believe.”

The award ceremony was held at the John H. Chapman Space Centre in
Saint-Hubert, Quebec. Mrs. Marion Chapman and family members were also
present to honour
Dr. MacDonald. This annual award honors those Canadians who have made
exceptional contributions to the Canadian Space Program. It is named after
one of Canada’s great space pioneers, John Herbert Chapman, considered to be
the father of the Canadian Space Program.

The Canadian Space Agency is committed to leading the development and
application of space knowledge for the benefit of Canadians and humanity. It
manages and co-ordinates all of Canada’s space activities and promotes the
Canadian space industry among international partners.

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