Earth imagery services provider DigitalGlobe is using its satellites to take twice-weekly pictures of a large oil-storage site in Oklahoma for Bloomberg to inform Bloomberg’s customers of oil-reserve levels, DigitalGlobe Chief Executive Jeffrey R. Tarr said Aug. 3.

Cushing, Okla., is the site of the largest crude-oil storage hub in the United States. While the oil is not stored in the open air, it is housed in reservoirs whose roofs rise and fall with the level of oil, descending to ground level when nearly empty and rising with the oil levels, according to DigitalGlobe.

The high-resolution satellite imagery, coupled with algorithms applied by DigitalGlobe before delivering the final product to Bloomberg, permits a precise assessment of the state of the oil supply at the Cushing site, Longmont, Colo.-based DigitalGlobe said in a conference call with investors.