Maxar quarterly revenues dip as firm restructures satellite business
Maxar cutting jobs to help stem $1.26 billion loss, stabilize satellite division
DigitalGlobe loses WorldView-4 satellite to gyro failure
Maxar schedules spending break after WorldView Legion completion
DigitalGlobe: New commercial players not threatening our government business
DigitalGlobe unveils subscription service for tasking Earth-imaging satellites without ground station
DigitalGlobe brings WorldView-4 imagery into SecureWatch, prepares to add Radarsat-2 data
Intelligence community,  companies give out satellite imagery to motivate app developers
Satellite operators, data analysts agree on need for speed
NGA assembles jigsaw puzzle of diverse commercial, government geospatial data sets
Meet Maxar, the space industry’s newest tech giant
Raytheon moves into commercial imaging market with DigitalGlobe camera order
MDA closes DigitalGlobe merger, rebrands as Maxar Technologies
MDA-DigitalGlobe Merger expected to close first week of October
MDA slashes GEO order expectations
MDA withdraws, resubmits paperwork for DigitalGlobe acquisition
MDA seeks to provide extensive support to U.S. intelligence and defense agencies
U.S. government should reduce impediments to commercial space innovation
DigitalGlobe adding Radarsat imagery to geospatial big data platform
MDA views DigitalGlobe merger as hedge against cyclical satellite market

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