October 3, 2001, Korolev, Moscow region: A meeting of the General Designers Review on the Russian Segment of
the International Space Station (RS ISS) took place at S.P. Korolev
Rocket and Space Corporation Energia.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Yu.P. Semenov, chairman
of the General Designers Review, Technical manager of manned programs
of Russia, Designer General and academician of the Russian Academy of

During the meeting reports were made by Y.I. Grigoriev, deputy – Designer
General of S.P. Korolev RSC Energia; P.I. Klimuk, Director of Russian
State Scientific Research Institute (RGNII) – Gagarin Cosmonaut Training
Center; V.V. Bogomolov, deputy Director of the Institute of medical
and biological problems. Managers of enterprises and allied institutions,
participating in the ISS project, presented their conclusions on the
development of the project.

The Review addressed the issues of the Station’s technical state, the
preparation of the manned transport spacecraft Soyuz TM-33 and the Soyuz
launcher for its launch. The Review took into account the reports on
the technical state of onboard systems of the ISS Russian Segment and
of the Station in general, as well as on the fulfillment of the ISS-3
main crew manned mission program, including the program of scientific
and applied experiments and researches. The Review also considered the
mission program of the joint Russian-French visiting crew (VC-2). The
directors of centers, organizations and services reported on the course
of preparation of the VC-2 crew, personnel and technical facilities
needed to support the launch and flight control of the Soyuz TM-33 spacecraft.

The General Designers Review, taking into account the state of readiness
of the Soyuz TM-33 and its Soyuz launcher, the readiness of Russian
and American ground facilities and their personnel, as well as the readiness
of the ISS-3 and VC-2 crews to start the mission program onboard the
station and the spacecraft, has decided to approve:

  • Preparation and October 21, 2001, launch of the Soyuz TM-33 spacecraft
    manned by Russian-French visiting crew-2 for planned replacement of
    the Soyuz TM-32 spacecraft on the ISS and fulfillment of the Andromeda
    project research program;
  • Proposals pertaining to the program of the second visiting mission,
    envisaging the execution of space experiments and research works,
    including those within the French Andromeda project.

Present at the meeting of the General Designers Review were representatives
of Russian Air and Space Agency, companies and institutions participating
in the ISS project.