DARTS AKEBONO data made available for general use

In addition to its existing databases, “GEOTAIL satellite data” and “International Solar-Terrestrial Physics database CDAWeb,” the Center for PLAnning and INformation Systems has set up the scientific satellite database DARTS (http://www.darts.isas.ac.jp) in the service of solar-terrestrial physics. Since September, the AKEBONO data have been on public view as well. At the moment, the following are on public view.

•Basic information (contact persons, references, and general information on the AKEBONO mission)
•Orbital and instrumental information (including ON/OFF information for each observation instrument)
•Data for each instrument: Low energy particle (LEP), Auroral image (ATV), Radiation Monitor (RDM)

Other observational data will be added as it is made ready for public view.

Satellites related to the earth/planet carry instruments prepared independently by various PI from Japan and abroad, and thus the publication of the data has been random. However, according to DARTS’ basic policy, “satellite data are public goods,” the Center for PLAnning and INformation Systems has made data freely available for all researchers, with only minimal access requirements. Furthermore, we hope that AKEBONO satellite data, which has come through one solar cycle without incident since its launch in 1989, will be in widespread use.

Addition: The Center for PLAnning and INformation Systems held a symposium entitled “Database in Space Science” on October 27, which included the above report on DARTS. We would like to further discuss the future of wide-area databases in the context of powerful computers and high-speed networks, based on the status quo and the challenges regarding database construction currently progressing at various institutions. For those who were unable to participate in the symposium this time, please contact us for more information.