Dan Tani, vice president of mission and cargo operations for Orbital ATK, has been named to the International Advisory Board for Lunar Mission One. Lunar Mission One is a lunar mining mission planned for 2024 with science and public outreach goals being funded in large part via crowdfunding by Lunar Missions Ltd.

Tani, the inaugural member of Lunar Mission One’s International Advisory Board, will advise and guide the mission’s trustees and project team primarily regarding engineering and technology.

“We can learn a lot more from moon exploration, but another objective of Lunar Mission One is to understand the potential of a permanently manned lunar base which will form a crucial next step in helping us explore further — especially Mars,” Tani said in a statement.”

Tani was a NASA astronaut from 1996 to 2012, during which he flew on two spaceflights and performed six spacewalks.

“Being able to call on the services and knowledge of someone who has spent more than 4 months in space is invaluable,” Lunar Missions Ltd. Chairman Ian Taylor said in a statement. “Lunar Mission One will have some of the most demanding engineering and technical requirements and Dan’s skills here will also be crucial.”