Connexion by BoeingSM, the revolutionary mobile
information services provider, has signed a contract with Intelsat for
transponder capacity onboard the Intelsat 709 satellite, supporting the
provision of airborne broadband connectivity to commercial jetliners in
route between Europe and North America. Terms of the agreement, which were
not announced, call for the leasing of two transponders – one each for
transmit and receive – onboard the satellite, which is located at 304.5
degrees East.

The addition of the Intelsat 709 satellite capacity supports advance system
testing and bolsters satellite coverage for service demonstrations
commencing in January 2003 for Lufthansa and one month later for British
Airways. Connexion by Boeing will use transponders onboard the Brazilian
Estrela do Sul 1 satellite, scheduled for launch in early 2003, for
long-term service support in the North Atlantic region.

“As we conduct system readiness testing over the North Atlantic and prepare
for our commercial service rollout, the addition of the Intelsat 709
satellite supports our plan for ensuring we are service ready on day one,”
said Joe Shaheen, director of Operational Services for Connexion by Boeing.
“We’ve established our long-term plan for satellite capacity in this region
and this additional transponder capacity allows us to remain solidly on

Malcolm Campbell, vice president Global Sales and Customer Support at
Intelsat added, “Our satellite has worked extremely well during initial
system tests performed over the North Atlantic region and we are confident
that it will exceed expectations during commercial service as well. The high
quality of Intelsat satellites and our global reach provides Connexion by
Boeing with the capability to extend this service offering to other regions
in the future.”

As part of its global service expansion, Connexion by Boeing will integrate
the leased capacity onboard the Intelsat 709 transponders into the growing
list of satellite operators that are contributing to the delivery of the
first true broadband Internet and data connectivity service for air
travelers during flights over the North Atlantic – a key commercial jetliner
service route between the U.S. and Europe.

About Connexion by Boeing

Connexion by Boeing is a mobile information services provider with campuses
in Seattle, Wash., and Irvine, Calif. The Boeing business unit is working to
bring high-speed Internet, data and entertainment connectivity to aircraft
in flight. The service is currently available to the executive services
market in the U.S., which includes operators of private and government
aircraft. Connexion by Boeing also remains on track for a three-month
service demonstration with Lufthansa in early 2003 followed by a similar
service trial with British Airways. In addition, Japan Airlines was recently
announced as Connexion by Boeing’s initial customer in Asia with an
agreement to install the system on 10 of their long-range aircraft. For
additional information, visit the Connexion by Boeing web site at

About Intelsat

Intelsat, Ltd. offers telephony, corporate network, video and Internet
solutions around the globe via capacity on 24 geosynchronous satellites in
prime orbital locations. Customers in approximately 200 countries and
territories rely on Intelsat satellites and staff for quality connections,
global reach and reliability. For more information, visit


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