The European Commission is calling for opinions on European Information Society policy. This wide-ranging public consultation is part of the broader policy debate on an EU Information Society strategy, looking beyond 2005, launched by the European Commission in May 2004.

The Commission Communication on ‘Challenges for the European Information Society beyond 2005’ was adopted on 19 November 2004.  It identifies a number of issues that will require the attention of policy makers during the coming years, such as:

  • Electronic inclusion and citizenship;
  • Content and services;
  • Public services;
  • Skills and work;
  • ICT as a key industry sector;
  • Interoperability,
  • Trust and dependability; and
  • ICT for business processes.

The online consultation is open to researchers, policy-makers, industrial interests and members of the general public, and represents a major element in a process that will lead to the adoption by European institutions of a new strategy for 2005-2010.

Businesses and researchers operating in space sector, especially in satellite-based services, are encouraged to be forthcoming with their views and suggestions. Contributors can participate via the ‘Information Society – 2010 Challenges’ web page (see link). The deadline for participation is 16 January 2005.

More information:

Consultation web page: ‘Information Society – 2010 Challenges

Communication: ‘Challenges for the European Information Society beyond 2005‘  [DOC]