COM DEV International Ltd. today
announced it has been awarded a Euro 2.3 million (approximately CDN $3.5
million) contract to supply lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries to a European
remote sensing satellite program. Further details with regard to the program
and customer cannot be provided due to contractual restrictions imposed by the

The product to be delivered is the li-ion battery that COM DEV has been
developing and qualifying for space use over the past three years. This sale
constitutes the first use of this new COM DEV battery product on a large high-
powered satellite. It follows the premiere launch of a COM DEV li-ion battery
subsystem on August 12, 2003 on a Canadian Space Agency science satellite.
Because of their low mass, high reliability and long life, li-ion batteries
have greatly enhanced the use of cell phones and video recorders over the past
few years. Their introduction to space applications is expected to equally
enhance the performance of future space satellites as well as reduce their
mass and thus reduce the cost of launching them. COM DEV’s product features a
scalable modular design that makes it a flexible solution, easily tailored to
a wide range of uses.

Commenting on this award, COM DEV’s CEO, John Keating said, “One of the
biggest challenges in introducing any new space product is getting flight
heritage that demonstrates to customers that the product works well in space
not just in the laboratory. The flight performance that we can now demonstrate
gives us a strong competitive position in this new emerging market.”


COM DEV International Ltd. ( based in Cambridge, Ontario,
is the largest Canadian-based designer and manufacturer of space hardware

COM DEV, with facilities in Canada and the United Kingdom, manufactures
advanced products and subsystems that are sold to major satellite prime
contractors for use in communications, space science, remote sensing and
military satellites.

COM DEV and COM DEV Space are registered trademarks of COM DEV

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