The delegations of China and the Russian Federation submitted a draft Legal Agreement on the Prevention of the Deployment of Weapons in Outer Space to the Conference on Disarmament (CD) on Thursday. This working paper has also won the co-sponsorship of the delegations of Viet Nam, Indonesia, Belarus and Zimbabwe, said Hu Xiaodi, Chinese Ambassador for Disarmament Affairs, said at the Plenary of the 2002 Session of CD on Thursday.It is learned from the conference that the core of the new legal agreement is “Not to place in orbit around the Earth any objects carrying any kinds of weapons, not to install such weapons on celestial bodies, or not to station such weapons in outer space in any other manner”.

The Chinese Ambassador pointed out at the conference that prevention of the weaponization of and an arm race in outer space has become a pressing task for the entire international community. Hu said that existing arms control and disarmament agreements related to outer space are far from sufficient in arresting the worrying slide towards the weaponization of and an arms race in outer space, although they have played a positive role in peacefuluse of outer space and regulating relevant activities in outer space.

He said “We believe that only a treaty-based prohibition of the deployment of weapons in outer space and the prevention of the threat or use of force against outer space objects can eliminate the emerging threat of the weaponization of and an arms race in outer space and ensure the security for outer space assets of all countries.”(xinhuanet)