Artist's impression of a Zhuque-2 launch vehicle on a launch pad with a distant sunrise.
Nighttime liftoff of a Long March 3B from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan, southwest China, at 2:09 p.m. Eastern June 24, 2019.
A Long March 3B launch vehicle lifting off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, Nov. 22, 2019.
Juno Jupiter NASA
A Long March 6 kerolox rocket lifts off from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, Nov. 13. Credit: SAST
A Long March 4B lifts off from Taiyuan at 11:22 p.m. Nov. 2, 2019.
The Chang'e-5 lunar sample return spacecraft lander and ascent modules undergoing testing in 2017.
Liftoff of the Jielong-1 solid propellant rocket from the Gobi Desert in July 2019.
Launch of the Long March 5 from Wenchang in July 2017.
Final moments of a hot fire test of the Ceres-1 second stage. Credit: Galactic Energy/framegrab
Stitched images from the Yutu-2 rover showing the distant Chang'e-4 lander.

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