Poker Flat, Alaska, February 15, 2000 — Poor weather conditions over Alaska have prevented the
launch of a Canadian-built rocket and payload on a scientific mission to study the Northern Lights.

The launch window for the Canadian Space Agency’s GEODESIC
(Geoelectrodynamics and Electro-Optical Detection of Electron and Suprathermal Ion Currents)
mission, which also includes instruments funded by NASA, was scheduled to be launched between
February 4-14. However, cloudy skies coupled with unusually warm weather for the past two
weeks presented less than ideal launch conditions at the NASA facility at Poker Flat, Alaska.

The new launch window has been scheduled to start on February 23. Since GEODESIC will get its
ideal readings of the aurora borealis when the night sky is darkest, the next launch window, like
the last one, will correspond with the waning of the moon.

A post-launch press release will be sent out to members of the media.

A backgrounder on GEODESIC is available online at:



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