Saint-Hubert, Quebec, April 27, 2001 – Flight controllers worked
successfully overnight troubleshooting computer problems onboard the
International Space Station and plan to continue recovery of full computer
operations on the complex today. The Station and Shuttle crews awoke this
morning to find most of the Station’s computers on line and operating well,
although efforts are continuing to bring up the orbiting outpost’s backup

The crew today will assist with bringing the remaining Station computers on
line, including swapping a backup payload computer for one of the Station’s
three command and control computers. Of the three Station command and
control computers, one is on line and fully functional, providing full
computer operations onboard the Station. The other two, which should serve
as backups to the primary computer, are off line. Today’s activities are
planned to bring them on line as well.

Except for the Station computer problems now being resolved, flight
controllers have identified no significant problems with any of the Station
or Shuttle systems. Canadarm2 is still activated with prime power and
remains fully operational. The computer difficulties experienced were
related to the Space Station’s systems, and did not involve Canadarm2.

In addition to the Station computer troubleshooting, the Station and Shuttle
crews today will continue to concentrate on the transfer of supplies and
equipment from the Shuttle to the Station. They also plan to close the
Raffaello logistics carrier’s hatch and later detach that module, using the
Shuttle’s robotic arm to reberth it in Endeavour’s bay for a return to
Earth. Almost 1,800 kg of equipment and supplies were unloaded from
Raffaello onto the Station. Yesterday, the crew completed reloading it with
items bound for Earth. The Shuttle is planned to boost the Station’s
altitude by about 4 kilometres today as well, the second such boost during
the mission thus far.

An extra day was added to Endeavour’s mission. The Shuttle will remain
docked to the Station until Sunday with a landing on Tuesday. A further
extension of the mission also may be considered.


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