Welcome to Saturn: the jewel of our solar system. After a seven-year
journey, the Cassini spacecraft will arrive at the ringed planet in
July 2004. There it will begin a four-year tour of the Saturn system.

You can take part in this adventure by sharing the splendor of Saturn
with your local community through the Saturn Observation Campaign.

Saturn and its majestic rings make an annual trek through the night
sky, allowing observers to enjoy stunning telescopic views of the

Through the Saturn Observation Campaign, we hope to share this
spectacular planet with as many people as possible. The campaign’s
objective is to create opportunities for professional and amateur
astronomers to engage the public in the excitement of the
Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn.

This website will act as the hub of the observation campaign. A
wealth of information on activities, resources, and contacts will be
posted to this site on a regular basis. The site will also provide
astro-photographers of all ages and levels of expertise a venue to
showcase their images of the ringed world.

This opportunity to participate is targeted toward professional and
amateur astronomers with working knowledge of and access to
telescopes. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

Log onto the Saturn Observation Campaign website at:


Be a part of this fabulous adventure! Help us share the excitement of
viewing Saturn and its rings with your community!