PanAmSat Corporation and Japan’s
JSAT Corporation have selected Boeing Satellite Systems (BSS) to build a new
spacecraft in support of the two companies’ recent joint venture, Horizons,
as well as PanAmSat’s domestic U.S. cable program distribution offerings.
BSS, the world’s largest satellite manufacturer, is a unit of The Boeing
Company (NYSE: BA).

From its orbital slot at 127 degrees west longitude, between the Hawaiian
Islands and the U.S. West Coast, the new Boeing 601HP satellite will have
coverage over North America, Central America, Alaska and Hawaii. The
spacecraft will carry a total of 48 active transponders, 24 in Ku-band and
24 in C-band. The contract calls for launch in late 2002 aboard a Sea Launch
booster. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The spacecraft’s Ku-band payload, which will be known as Horizons-1, is
being constructed for the Horizons partnership and will be jointly owned by
PanAmSat and JSAT. It will be used to offer a variety of digital video,
Internet and data services. Using a Hawaii-based relay station, the
satellite’s Ku-band payload also will be able to deliver content and
services between the United States and Asia.

The C-band portion of the new spacecraft will be known as Galaxy XIII and
will be operated separately as part of PanAmSat’s Galaxy cable neighborhood,
which serves the domestic U.S. cable industry. Galaxy XIII will be used to
replace capacity on Galaxy IX, which is a Boeing 376 model that will move to
a new orbital position and continue to provide services.

“Boeing is proud to provide PanAmSat and JSAT with a satellite that will
support this unique multinational joint venture,” said Randy Brinkley,
president of BSS. “We are equally proud of our service to PanAmSat in a
longstanding relationship that has a solid future. In addition to this
latest order, we are also building Galaxy IIIC for PanAmSat, scheduled to
launch in 2002. We value the trust PanAmSat places in us as a supplier of
leading-edge technology that enables our customer to expand its business
across the globe.”

Horizons-1’s 24 Ku-band transponders will each be powered by 108-watt linear
traveling wave tube amplifiers (LTWTAs). Galaxy XIII’s 24 C-band
transponders will each be powered by 40-watt LTWTAs. The spacecraft’s solar
wings will feature dual-junction gallium arsenide solar cells manufactured
by Spectrolab, Inc., a Boeing subsidiary. These cells will deliver 9.9 kW of
power at the beginning of the satellite’s 15-year design life.

The Boeing 601 satellite is the world’s best-selling large satellite model.
This latest procurement is the 83rd Boeing 601 spacecraft ordered since the
model was introduced in 1987.

PanAmSat Corporation (NASDAQ:SPOT) is the premier provider of global video
and data broadcasting services via satellite. Operating a global network of
21 in-orbit spacecraft and seven technical facilities, the company delivers
entertainment and information to cable television systems, TV broadcast
affiliates, direct-to-home TV operators, Internet service providers,
telecommunications companies and corporations worldwide. PanAmSat is 81
percent owned by HUGHES Electronics Corporation. For more information on
PanAmSat, visit the company’s web site at

JSAT is a leading satellite operator in the Asia-Pacific region. The company
owns and operates eight satellites in seven orbital slots. JSAT provides
communications and broadcasting services that offer a range of unique
features made possible by satellite communications which is well suited to
support the high-volume, wide-distribution, high-speed networks. Based on
its corporate slogan, “JSAT, Expanding Horizons,” the company is working to
actively expand its business. JSAT is listed on the First Section of the
Tokyo Stock Exchange. For more information on JSAT, visit the company’s web
site at

Boeing is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial communications
satellites, and is also a major provider of space systems, satellites, and
payloads for national defense, science and environmental applications.

The Boeing Company is the largest aerospace company in the world and the
United States’ leading exporter. It is NASA’s largest contractor and the
largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft. The
company’s capabilities in aerospace also include rotorcraft, electronic and
defense systems, missiles, rocket engines, launch vehicles, satellites, and
advanced information and communication systems. The company has an extensive
global reach with customers in 145 countries.

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