and Space Systems/Loral officials confirmed today that a
Brazilian telecommunications satellite will be launched on a Delta IV
rocket next year.

The launch of Estrela do Sol, which will provide
telecommunications services to North and South America, is scheduled
for launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., during the
second half of 2002. Loral Skynet will operate the satellite built by
Space Systems/Loral. The high-powered Space Systems/Loral 1300
satellite will carry 41 Ku-band transponders and provide service to
Brazil, North and South America and the North Atlantic Ocean Region,
supporting a variety of Ku-band applications.

Estrela do Sol will be the third launch for the Boeing Delta IV
family of launch vehicles, which enters service in 2002 with four
planned launches during the year and a backlog of more than 40 launch
service contracts. To date, Boeing and its customers have announced
launch contracts that will support commercial telecommunications
services in the South Pacific, Asia, Europe, and North and South

A Delta IV Medium Plus (4,2), one of five Delta IV variants, will
be used to launch Estrela do Sol. The five Delta IV variants include
the Delta IV Medium, Delta IV Heavy and three Delta IV Medium Plus
versions that are designated by the size of fairing and number of
solid rockets used.